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As a small business owner, I understand the value of having a serious visual and online presence. My own branding and website were really exciting steps for me as things became "real" for Madeleine Bridges Art.

I love sharing this gift and equipping other small businesses to put their best foot forward. 



Your business's logo is the first impression you make on your audience. Does it align with your work and goals? Let me help you create a logo that is timeless and versatile. Business logos include a main logo and 2 variants (as pictured). Final files are shared in black and white and color in the digital formats you'll need.


Creating a website is so important for small businesses today. If a customer Google searches your business, will they find it? Let's say yes! I provide small-scale website design hosted by Wix. As a small business owner, I am passionate about creating a professional, customizable web experience for other small businesses like mine. Let me help you create the perfect site! Here's how it works:​​

  • Website Needs (week 1) - You'll describe your needs for the website (how you and your customers will use this day to day) so that I can determine if a small-scale website is the best option for you.

  • Business Logo (week 1) - We will create your business logo to establish your look and feel. Your website will complement your new logo's colors and type. 

  • First Take (week 2) - This will be the initial setup of your website. This stage is the "pen-to-paper" moment where we start putting all the pieces in place. In this phase, I will create your webpages and overall layout. Please note that I will rely on you for copy and photos about your business on each page. I can provide this for an additional charge, if needed.

  • Live Edits (week 3) - You will receive a link to the site before it launches. We will work continuously throughout the week to get the site just right. You'll be able to watch edits live as they are made!

  • Final Launch (week 4) - I will transfer ownership of the site to you for the final launch. You'll be trained on small edits and backend use of your brand-new site. You can always call me down the road for web changes and edits.


Check out my work. Click on the sites above to view the final product.

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